What’s in a name

Did you know ACRUX is an abbreviation of Alpha Crucis which is the brightest star in the southern cross?  To the naked eye ACRUX appears as a single star, but it is actually a triple star system and it is many times more massive and luminous than the Sun. 

It is this philosophy that ACRUX Search applies to your recruitment service.  Let us find your business’ brightest star. You never know, if you let ACRUX Search explore for you your next employee may be the equivalent of a triple star.

Campbell Ballantyne

Founder & Managing Director

Campbell is an experienced Business Manager in the recruitment industry.   Skilled in Consulting, Coaching, Sales, Executive Search,  BComm focused in Entrepreneurship from Curtin University of Technology.  Born in Scotland Campbell moved to Perth aged seven and has worked in the Perth technical recruitment industry since 2006.  He has an excellent understanding of engineering and major projects and most importantly how to discover and attract the brightest STARS.

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