ACRUX Search is committed to doing business in a way and with a pricing model that suits your needs rather than ours, as a result, we offer a range of options and are your ideal partner to find the STAR for your business to fill your vacancy. 

Executive Search 

Our full-service product, ACRUX Search will be with you every step of the way. This includes co-designing the brief, identifying a talent pool, advertising campaigns, direct approaches to suitable candidates, interview facilitation, reference and background checks, offer management and negotiation, onboarding and support through the early months of appointment.

Hourly Rate Service 

A cost-effective way for small business to use a professional service that is charged only at the opportunity cost of your time of doing it yourself.  Instead of fee for success, you will be charged for agreed hours spent on the assignment and advertising costs.  This service is perfect for employers who do not make enough hires a year to employ internal recruitment staff. ACRUX Search can be your in-house provider for 1 or 100 assignments a year. A typical recruitment assignment may include;

  • Creating advertising text 
  • Direct approaches to suitable candidates on our own and public databases (LinkedIn, seek talent search, global job boards that also provide paid candidate databases)  
  • Screen 100 CV’s, phone screen the best 15
  • Meet best 5 Candidates
  • Prepare written candidate reports or provide face to face feedback on meetings
  • Arrange interviews with hiring manager 
  • Facilitate and attend 3 x first interviews and 1 x second interview
  • Offer management and onboarding

Use all or any of the above, the hourly rate service can be completely tailored to your needs. Only available when agreed in advance and no additional charge on hiring the candidate(s). For small business, our hourly rate  model can be a cost-effective service for recruiting multiple roles or international assignments

Contingent Recruitment 

A fee for success model, where you only pay when ACRUX Search provides you with the successful candidate.  The most traditional recruitment model is still available for those who want it. 

Even More Options

Would you like to do business another way?  ACRUX Search can create a bespoke solution that suits your business and situation.  Partner with us and your brightest STARS will be discovered.


Next Steps…

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