COVID 19 Crisis How Can We Help

Our world is in a state of emergency, and like every business, we find ourselves under stress. However, on reflecting the anxieties felt by us here in Perth are small compared to other parts of the world, at least for now. Despite our concerns about the state of the economy, worries for the health of our families, at ACRUX Search, we are taking a new approach to the crisis. Instead, we ask ourselves how we can help, mildly inspired by JFK? What we have come up with directing our resources into the areas most affected by the current state of emergency and removing our profit margins to do so. We are proud to announce we will make our hourly rate services available at half price for any business recruit a role that directly benefits the community's response to COVID 19. These could include positions in;

  • Health Care to source more people to help the sick,
  • FMCG does your business need logistics staff, warehouse staff, drivers or anyone improve the flow of food and toilet paper
  • IT help your workforce social distance by setting up work from home.
  • Cleaning Staff
  • Manufacturers of crucial Medical Equipment
  • Medical Researchers

If your role is not on this list and you think it will help the community response feel free to discuss it, we are friendly people and will say yes.

We are recruitment consultants; we can't save the world but get in touch if we can help you save a little piece of it for everyone.

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Brighest STARS Discovered

"Great vision without great people is irrelevant."-Jim Collins - Author Good to Great

"Never hire someone who knows less than you do about what he's hired to do."--Malcolm Forbes - Entrepreneur

If it's a business's first ever hire or you are building a global project team the best people are essential. Let ACRUX Search find your brightest STAR


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Recruitment Services

Do you have a vacancy?

ACRUX Search is committed to doing business in a way and a pricing model that suits your needs rather than ours, as a result, we offer a range of options and are open to discussing a bespoke service for exactly what you require.

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Candidate Services

We are here to help you source your next assignment in addition to filling roles for our clients we also offer services to candidates who need assistance with their current job search.

Book a face to face consultation with a recruitment professional. You will receive expert advice on your CV regarding layout and content as well as coaching on interview techniques and how to secure your next role.

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ACRUX Search

Did you know ACRUX is an abbreviation of Alpha Crucis which is the brightest star in the southern cross?  To the naked eye ACRUX appears as a single star, but it is actually a triple star system and it is many times more massive and luminous than the Sun. 

It is this philosophy that ACRUX Search applies to your recruitment service.  Let us find your business’ brightest star. You never know, if you let ACRUX Search explore for your next employee may be the equivalent of a triple star.


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